Can’t Stop on a Thursday Afternoon

Watching last night’s game, it was great to see Skip finally find his groove.  If you were paying attention this spring, you would know it was coming, but I know how quickly someone can lose confidence.

So anyone think Pujols’ elbow is bothering him?

I really enjoyed this piece by Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post.

I think it’s good that Backe stood up for his catcher, but Pujols did already call Towles and appologize and explain himself.  It’s good to stand up for your teammates, but when the situation has been resolved, leave well enough alone.  The problem is that I can see each side and they have a very reasonable argument.  Hopefully, the issue has been buried and we can get back to good ole baseball

There is nothing I can do, and I know this is just bitching, but I hate when we play on the West Coast.  Being on Eastern time, the game starts at 10:15 p.m. and with work in the morning, I can’t stay up late enough to see the end of the game if it lasts much more than a couple hours (which it will).  Maybe I’ll get a nap in there and stay up anyway..

That’s all for today.  Now time to rock some Red Hot Chili Peppers…


A New Beginning

Welcome to my blog.  I will be playing around with different styles here and commenting on various facets of baseball and anything else I find to be interesting.